E Log Software


E TDS Data  v.

e TDS software from Saibex is a complete TDS software for Filing electronic returns of TDS tried and tested by more than 3000 customers.

Software Gestionale  v.3.8

EuroFatt e' un software gestionale per la fatturazione e la gestione magazzino, completamente gratuito, rivolto alle piccole e medie imprese, ai commercianti, agli artigiani e ai professionisti che cercano un software facile da usare.


Wood-E Design  v.11 1

LP® SolidStart® Wood-E® Design Software is a convenient structural design program that lets you create accurate and efficient wall, floor, and roof framing designs using LP SolidStart I-Joists, LVL , and LSL products.

E-editor  v.

The E-Editor software is user-friendly, Windows-compatible software that quickly arranges and displays your E-PAGE 96 System results.

GEOCatalog  v.6.0

GEOCatalog is an application to allow easy management of the files created by the authoring programs that comprise the GEO Software Suite.

Avaya Voice Player  v.

Avaya's Voice Player is simply the best software available for making voice recordings and playing them back. It is more than just an Internet Browser Helper Application. Avaya's Voice Player can turn e-mail software into a voice mail system.

GroupMail Free Edition  v.

This e-mail software is intended to assist with mailing-list management and distribution. If you maintain mailing lists or if you regularly send messages to large groups of recipients this software will help. GroupMail helps thousands of individuals,

Intelligent MailBook  v.3.0.5 build 14

This program is a professional, project-based e-mail software for home, small business and home office use. It stores messages and message receipts and uses an archive for easy backup and restore functionalities.

SecExMail Secure Email  v.1.51

This Email encryption program uses RSA public key encryption and the Twofish block cipher. It features PGP-style Email keys, but without the dependence on e-mail- software-specific plug-ins.

Izemail for Outlook  v.1.7

Encrypt and sign your Email messages, just by pressing the "Send" button in your e-mail software with Izemail. No need to exchange encryption keys or certificates, no need to go through complex enrollment procedures.

Manitou-Mail  v.1.0.2

Manitou-Mail is a multi-component e-mail software that includes a graphical Mail User-Agent for Unix/X11 or MS-Windows, server-side scripts, and a database powered by PostgreSQL.

Freeport VM  v.1.5

Freeport VM is a video e-mail software that allows people to communicate more impactfully by using a video and audio Email message instead of traditional text

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